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It's an extremely proud, nationalistic country. There's strong traditionally masculine elements here.

That means a culture that can be kind of xenophobic, violent, and aggressive.

Despite that, I actually like it. I like traditionally masculine, proud, nationalistic countries. I know that isn't fashionable to say in this day and age, but after having been around a lot of the world, I just feel really bad for the citizens of countries that are totally pacified and unproud. The men move through life in a sort of drudgery and haze, and the women don't seem to enjoy those state of affairs either.

That said, pride/nationalism/hyper-masculine mixed with transitioning out of poverty can lead to bad places. It's not so much nationalism that is bad, as much as it's a catalyst for whatever else is happening in the society. In a country in a renaissance or golden age, with an emphasis on expansion, science, commerce, innovation, hard work, and building wealth, nationalism and pride becomes a force for progress. In a country that's on the down and out, nationalism amplifies that to bad result.

Mongolia is interesting. Their national holiday, Naadam, is a festival in July featuring wrestling, horseback riding, and archery.

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On Flash Bang

For this I tried to juxtapose things with insects, it all made sense to me at the time. It was a good exercise in trying to get unrelated objects to flow together and still fit in a given space. Skulls are my favorite to draw, always and forever. The imagery of a skull is classic, iconic and has obvious personal meaning to all people, or I would think so anyway. I'm going to work on composing an email to send out to the Chicago tattoo shops that I'm interested in tattooing at. It's hard because I don't have any connections up there yet, but I have to put myself out there and make some.

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