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The Uselessness Of Worrying

If you're worrying about something, one of two things is going on --

1. There's a good reason for your worries, they're justified, and you can potentially affect that outcome. If so, do something.

2. There's no good reason for your worries, they're not justified, or you can't affect the outcome. If so, stop worrying.

Easier said than done. But idle worrying does nothing of value. It makes you go crazy and doesn't make things better.

It's impossible to have perfect control of your thoughts, so worries emerge. When they do, investigate them, figure out if they're justified, figure out if you can do something, and then make a plan or let them go.

Moral Explanations vs. Mechanical Explanations

When do you call someone lazy?

Probably when "they're not doing things they obviously should be doing, for no good reason at all."

But then, what does calling them lazy inform you about?

Slow down, re-read that, because it's important --

What does calling someone "lazy" inform you as to why it's happening, or possible solutions?

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