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Note to People Who Have Facebook-Friended Me - My Answer is Yes, but I'm in Vietnam, and it's blocked here

1. My answer is yes! Yes, you're all added.

2. However, I'm in Vietnam, where Facebook is banned.

3. I had a VPN I was using, but it stopped working. So you're all stuck in limbo in the meantime. Sorry and no disrespect intended!

4. In the meantime, I'm @sebastmarsh on Twitter. If you tried Twitter once but you don't understand it, go ahead and send out this message - "@sebastmarsh Okay, I'm trying Twitter, but I still don't get it!" I'll message you back, click on "@[yourname]" on the right-hand menu and you'll see when a reply when I write back. Basically @messages seem to be most of the value of Twitter when you're getting started, but it's a chicken and egg problem - you're not talking to anyone, so it seems useless. But, we can chat and connect on there a little, reactions to my posts or 140 character philosophical discussions are always welcome.

Finally, if you want to be pals on Facebook, here's Sebastian Marshall's Facebook - that's my page, not a fan page. But maybe I'll add a fan page later. Though! You'll be stuck in limbo for a while until I get a new VPN or leave Vietnam, so please don't feel unloved!


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dear Lord,, i know you're there.. kindLy read this,, i know you know my prayers.. i know you'LL aLways Love me,, i don't want to be a person who craves for fancy cars.. just Let my father do,, but not me.. houses in beverLy,, or some excessive amounts of money.. i don't want to be a person who sees Life as something to conquer,, i don't want to have bank accounts with triLLions of rupiahs inside them.. even if i do, yes i'LL be gratefuL of it, pLease don't Let me use them for my own benefit onLy,, pLease don't Let me be one of those guys who don't know what to do with their money.. pLease Let me stay as the the Low-maintenance person that i am,, pLease Let me be thankfuL for every resource that i have.. pLease Let me be thankfuL for every singLe new knowLedge that i attain every singLe day,, pLease Let me be thankfuL for every good&amazing person that i've met or wiLL meet in my Life that inspires me not to be a seLf-centered spoiLed-brat.. i don't want to be vain,, i don't want to be corroded by ambitions.. i don't want to forget how it feeLs to be powerLess,, i don't want to stand on the top of the worLd give a fuck about everything eLse beLLow.. even if it hurts this bad to remind me that i stiLL give a fuck,, i don't mind..

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