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Note to People Who Have Facebook-Friended Me - My Answer is Yes, but I'm in Vietnam, and it's blocked here

1. My answer is yes! Yes, you're all added.

2. However, I'm in Vietnam, where Facebook is banned.

3. I had a VPN I was using, but it stopped working. So you're all stuck in limbo in the meantime. Sorry and no disrespect intended!

4. In the meantime, I'm @sebastmarsh on Twitter. If you tried Twitter once but you don't understand it, go ahead and send out this message - "@sebastmarsh Okay, I'm trying Twitter, but I still don't get it!" I'll message you back, click on "@[yourname]" on the right-hand menu and you'll see when a reply when I write back. Basically @messages seem to be most of the value of Twitter when you're getting started, but it's a chicken and egg problem - you're not talking to anyone, so it seems useless. But, we can chat and connect on there a little, reactions to my posts or 140 character philosophical discussions are always welcome.

Finally, if you want to be pals on Facebook, here's Sebastian Marshall's Facebook - that's my page, not a fan page. But maybe I'll add a fan page later. Though! You'll be stuck in limbo for a while until I get a new VPN or leave Vietnam, so please don't feel unloved!

no longer will i let men take me

On to find me in the infinite universe

theres an ache in my stomach and i want to cry- he touched me in places i didnt want to be touched and i didnt have the courage to say no- i pretended to laugh and smile and let things happen but inside i was screaming- i didnt flinch when he put my hands on him- i pretended to like it- i pretended that i was ready for it- i pretended that i was enjoying it- i pretended that i didnt hurt when he laughed afterwards as i washed my hands in the sink- i feel like an idiot- i feel like a slut- he whispered to me "you're not innocent anymore," and that's when i understood- i've become nothing more than a slut to him- i've become nothing more than an object- i've become worthless, degraded, dominated- i've become his easy nothing, his fuckable piece of shit

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