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Advertising Works on You

You're mistaken if you think advertising doesn't work on you.

Let's say you're driving down the street in your car. You want something to eat. There's 60 restaurants within sight.

Which do you choose?

Something that stands out to you and calls to you for some reason.

People think advertising doesn't work because they see a commercial for a burger joint and don't immediately get hungry.

Born at the Right Time

On Tynan

A picture of me with my grandparents, siblings, and some cousins before going sledding

I'm on a Boeing 757. Out of my window I can see the wingtips, which are bent at the ends to improve fuel efficiency. The web address of the airline is printed on the tips, which should seem totally normal, but still reminds me of back before companies took the internet seriously. I notice this every time. Every poster that has a web address, every commercial, and every billboard.

It's a habit. When I was younger, if businesses even had web sites, they only had it as a precaution-- just in case that internet thing started to take off. I took pride when I first began seeing TV commercials with web addresses in them. I was part of the internet generation, and each URL I saw felt like a small personal victory, as if it justified the hours upon hours I spent on the internet.

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