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I'm cheating and publishing my best-of list here

Wow. We've had over 10,000 visitors in the last 24 hours. It started with "How do I write so much, you ask? Well, glad you asked -" hitting the front page of Hacker News, but then there's been a steady stream of tweets and blog referrals. It's been crazy, and it's still going. After it settles down I'll do an analysis post on the traffic, comments, emails I've gotten, etc.

This leaves me scratching my head - hmm, I now have a lot of new visitors and readers (hi, welcome, glad you're onboard). And like I said in "How do I write so much?", I don't think someone can exactly control the quality of their output. You give your best, but you're not always firing at your highest level.

So I'm cheating, and I'm producing a best-of here. I took the best posts on here, and grouped them in a way so you can find exactly what you're looking for. I'd also like to invite you to comment on which you like, make suggestions, ask questions - I read every comment. Alright, here we go -

Want to get more done?The Evolution of My Time/Habit/Life Tracking (probably my best post on getting more done)The Joys of Public AccountabilityMore About Intek – Knowing a Skill vs. Living a SkillSome General Life GoalsGuest Post: On Being On-Track With Obsessive TasksWhy Isn’t My Book Done?Fill Up Your Dead TimeNew Word: intekPositive Sum Games Don’t Require Natural TalentQuitting Spectator SportsBecoming Prolific

My Philosophy:Me? I’m a strategistI think greatness is something you do, not something you areGuest Post: Greatness and HumilityBecoming a Liberal and Magnificent TipperWhy Build? Because I Like HumanityProducing is a Million Times Better Than ConsumingLuck Doesn’t ExistRule an Empire, Fistful of RiceBad Stuff That’s Happened to You = Expensive Lessons You’ve Already Paid ForIf luck doesn’t exist, then should we give way to fatalism?Cowboy ScienceWe All Get 24 Hours…Watching the LightningObserving the PainA Lot of Victory is Just Walking Around

Conversion Doubler is Done!

On Tynan

Ahoy! After six months of doing little other than working on it, Conversion Doubler is finished. You can see the rough draft of my copy at www.conversiondoubler.com. YES! It feels great to be done. It came out amazingly well... I'm 100% confident it's the best product out there. If anyone who reads here would like a copy, I will give it to you for 75% off ($50/mo). The catch? You must have posted a comment to the blog, sent me an e-mail, or have had an account before today on my forums.

In other news, my RV is for sale. If anyone here would like to carry on the tradition of being a nomad, here's the link : Tynan's RV. Even if you don't want to buy it, there are a bunch of pictures taken by my brother, so you can see how I lived for 9 months!

I wrote an article for Alex Shalman about my new productivity system that I talked about in my new years post. Check it out and come join me in the forums where I keep track of my progress every day.

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