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I'm going to budget some time for Skype each week

Let's see how this goes. In the past, I primarily used Skype to just hop on, make a call, hop off. Having any instant messenger on while trying to work or concentrate is a bad idea. But I'm thinking I should have some open Skype time, and whoever can drop me a line if they like. I'm "sebastmarsh" on Skype. You can download Skype for free at Skype.com.

Also, feel free to drop me an email or an @message on Twitter if I can be of service sometime. Best,


Welcome New Readers

Hi, welcome. The site's about victory here. Lots of articles and posts and viewpoints to help you do more, have more, be more, build more, serve, win more.

Starting off, I have a once/weekly newsletter called "Get Some Victory" - you can sign up at http://www.getsomevictory.com. It comes out every Sunday, with a mix of short, practical insights and some actions you can take that week to see some improvements. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback so far, so I think you'll like it - go check that out.

Or you could sign up right here -


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