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Days Twenty And Twenty-One: Untracked

I didn't track Days Twenty or Twenty-One. On these days, I did a few valuable things and got in approximately 5 hours of very high-level creative work onto sales and marketing (almost by accident), and went to the gym once. But the days were very flawed.

Short answer is I was gearing up on Day Twenty for a big day, had my morning rituals in order, and took modafinil. Now, I've written about modafinil before -- it makes you really concentrate intensely. It's great when producing, but if you get off-track while on it, you can get really off-track.

So I took modafinil, and then made a gigantic mistake -- I checked my email.

And my email was particularly ugly that morning. You know the like "oh man, that's a pretty significant pain-in-the-ass emails" that you get a couple times a month? Well, I had like 3-5 of them sitting on top of my inbox. From my lawyer in Hong Kong (bad news), my landlord (rejecting me trying to extend a lease on reasonable terms, he wants something crazy and isn't really in touch with the property market here), a couple mails from clients, and an actually very solid opportunity but one that's pretty neurosis-increasing.

I should've willpowered through it, but the day was off-track after that. Then, didn't get to sleep until 11AM the next morning (modafinil + energy drink), and the next day was basically shot too.

Nootropic Stack Review

On Joshua Thomas

My job and just about everything I do is reliant on having a well-oiled machine of a brain, so among the most important things that I do like eating healthy, exercising, and meditation, I also consume legal nootropics or "smart drugs" to give me the final edge I need to keep up with the work I demand of myself.

My modus operandi with performance-enhancing substances is to drop everything I'm on for a week when I first start taking a new substance. This is so that I can focus on the new substance and understand how it works on my body in isolation. Through this process I've weeded out a powerful synergistic mix that works very well for me. Keep in mind, a few of these chemicals are research chemicals, and PRL-8-53 in specific is very untested. You might find experimentation like this reckless, and I'd agree with you, but by carefully adding new substances to my "stack" one at a time, I've been able to so far safely avoid any perceivable negative side-effects.

One thing I've experimented with and found to just not work for me is phenyl-piracetam. Regular piracetam is awesome, but the additional phenyl group is just too much stimulation for me. I always crash at the end of the day and get really moody, to put it lightly.

Another rule of thumb I follow is to never touch anything that messes too much with my dopamine system. My will-power and reward system is something I try to delicately craft to do precisely what I want. I won't take amphetamines, coke, or anything with addictive properties... or anything dopaminergic whatsoever. The only exception of which is caffeine, which only acts on dopamine as a side effect of working on blocking the adenosine receptors. I also only get my caffeine from green tea in low doses. Dopaminergics usually aren't nootropics anyways, so that's a subject all its own.

What I usually do is cap my low-dose compounds in a pill so that I don't have to spend 10 minutes every morning mixing powders. You can get a huge bag of empty pills on Amazon for really cheap:

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