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Ultraworking Pentathlon II: Get a Headstart on Making 2017 the Best Year of Your Life

Hi friends,

We're doing the Ultraworking Pentathlon again, from 7 January to 22 January.

The first Pentathlon was a really big success. We've incorporated feedback and the next one is going to even better.

The Big Idea

The big idea is very simple: there's hundreds of "known best practices" and 1% edges in the world that most people aren't doing them. There's also dozens to hundreds of little techniques, tricks, and advantages you can stack up to make your life run better.

How to Estimate like an Adult - A Developer's Guide

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Usefully estimating software projects is difficult, but not impossible.

A lack of understanding about why we estimate, what to estimate, and how to estimate leads to a breakdown of trust and communication between developers and managers.

Developers end up feeling guilty that they're not meeting their estimates, and at the same time defensive: they were just estimates after all, right? Managers feel exasperated that everything is taking three times as long as it should. What are they doing all day?

This article is about fixing your estimates, and your estimation process. It's split in to two parts - the part you're reading, titled "How to Estimate like an Adolescent", and the part you're not yet reading, titled "How to Estimate like an Adult - What to Steal from Agile".

As an aside, if you're in a position where someone else is estimating work you're doing, get out. The work will be late, you will be blamed, and you will be miserable. Programming is meant to be fun, and setting yourself up for accusations of professional incompetence and the niggling feeling that maybe you are incompetent is the antithesis of fun. Seriously, get out.

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