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Key Points: Week One

This was the first week on the new Daily Habit Targets I set.

First, to address a good comment by Paul --

If you look closely, only 5 points are strictly "work" -- Write, Declare/Complete (pick a key action and focus nonstop on it until complete), Progress on Biggest Thing, Touch It Once/TIZ (email primarily), FianlVersion cycle (clear off misc. to-do's).

Early on a Sunday morning

On Where Pianos Roam

Anticipation.  Nerves.  Excitement.  Uncontrollable fits of random smiling. I experience all of the above on the day of a show.  The feelings never get old.  If it ever got to the point at which I lacked any and all feelings before a performance, I would probably quit.  Nonetheless, it is always an exciting time for me. Tonight, I finally play my show at the Rutledge.  This show has been booked for months, and the day has finally arrived.  It's gonna be so much FUN!!!!  People will finally hear some of my songs in the ways they were intended to be heard--with drum and bass.  This kicks off a whole slew of shows to promote my forthcoming album "Seahorses" which is due out in November. I've been running my list in my head.  My "list" being all the things I've learned from past shows.  It's a good solid list of do's and don'ts.   Most of it is internal.  You might find this odd, but I also do a good bit of mental preparation before a show.  I've learned that about 90% of what determines the outcome of a show is in the performer's head.  If they've practiced enough, the actual material shouldn't be the problem.  For that matter, you can practice a piece five million times, and you can still mess it up at the actual performance. I view a show as an intimate exchange of thoughts and ideas.  In return for the audiences' attention and attendance, I give all that I have to give in return--a full throttle display of artistry and grace. Well, I must get going.  There are still things to do to get ready for the show. By the way, while I was writing this post, I got a very random, but HUGELY awesome, surprise.  I'll tell you more about it later. Have a flower!!  (And think happy thoughts about me around 8PM tonight!!) HUGS!!! -g

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