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Some Thoughts From Sam Snyder

'bout a week ago, I had a great conversation with Sam Snyder. Sam is really, really, really smart. If you haven't been to his site, you should click over there and at least skim until you find something personally fascinating to you (and you will), and then you'll probably be a fan of his for life.

We covered a lot of ground talking. The first thing I made a note of was on reference points for exercise. We were talking why fitness is so enjoyable, such a good thing, but people often don't do it?

Sam said something really insightful - he said people's reference points for fitness are probably thinking about the hard part of starting, when you're getting going it, when you're not into the flow of it. When someone thinks exercise, they don't think about being engaged mind and body, feeling strong, feeling alive. They think about the beginning part where the body and bones and muscles feel creaky and it's hard to do.

I'm paraphrasing - I'm not even capturing the sentiment of it really well, it was a very sharp insight. The takeaway for me was, when thinking about exercise think about the height of enjoyable moments from it. Not the hassle, not the details, not the admin, not the pain. But the most enjoyable moments. Make that your reference point.

"Everything that goes on in the world can be reduced to cause and effect." We talked about tracing ways through cause and effect, and how you could have more predictive power if you did. Economic events, social events, wealth, and so on. We talked about some ways on how you model what was going to happen and make predictions. Fascinating stuff - Sam's playing on a really high mental level.

About The Art Of Sanity: to hell and back

On The Art of Sanity

Think of two straight lines connected at a right angle. The vertical line represents the positive upside, which is SANITY and happiness. It’s marked by thoughts, feelings, and actions of abundance, contentment, peace, vibrant health, love, satisfying relationships, and more. The horizontal line is the flat or DOWNSIDE of the graph, with anxiety, fear, numbness, self-pity, failed relationships, entropy, and fear.

It’s obvious we can’t live on both lines of the graph for long. We’ll eventually bend towards one or the other. The only way to change life for the better is to consciously bend towards and stay on the upside - which we all know is much easier said than done.

So is there a way change and neutralize the thoughts, the unrealistic beliefs, the demands, and harmful actions that are constantly trying to pull us towards the downside?

Try this:

Whatever upside quality you want to embody, without straining visualize it and feel it the best you can. If you want inner peace, for example, visualize and feel it. Repeat this often throughout the day. Soon you will live more and more in whatever quality you want part of your reality. And of course, support it with supporting actions.

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