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Reducing Luck's Impact On Your Life - Really Short Version

I've grudgingly come to admit that there's some luck in the world. A belief that luck doesn't exist is useful for getting a lot and developing a sense of internal control over one's life, but okay, there's random variables that hit.

A new definition of luck, then, is something like --

Luck: The outcome of variables outside of your control.

To reduce luck's impact on your life, you've got three options:

1. Increase your influence/control over events in your life. 2. Decrease the variables that matter to your end goal. 3. Or make outcomes less contingent on variables.


On like an apple

The latest carpe diem prompt is companions. In my life, my closest friends and family are the real sustenance of life, the "life" in my life. One of my sort of informal spiritual guides or mentors says that "God is in the connections," and true friendship is where I have felt most concretely that sense of union with something bigger than myself. Moments in ordinary conversation and silence with true friends are the best moments of life, I think, and it is so easy to take them for granted. Often on Wednesday evenings I have dinner at a small middle-eastern restaurant with a close friend, and they are highlights of my daily life.

Well, I am all about the haibun these days. On to the haiku.

evening lingers friends share these small tables drink mint tea and talk

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