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New Word: intek

I needed a new word, so I just made one.

intek: hybrid of "internalize" and ancient Greek "teknik"

intek: To go from a state of knowing a craft or skill theoretically to knowing how to perform that craft or skill in the real world.

I was sitting in Pacific Coffee thinking about business. There's a lot of things I know in a theoretical sense right now, but I haven't built into myself to the point where they're running smoothly. The same concept could apply to anything that needs real world practice - you know something in theory, but in practice you're still doing it wrong.

As far as I know, there's no great word for this. Before "intek", you have theoretical knowledge. After intekking, you can now do in the real world and really know it at a deeper and more meaningful level.

Unique is My True Color

On The Geek Speak

I look back on my childhood and what my thoughts where as I was growing up. I truly think no one that I knew and know now was like I was and like I am now.

I know – I get that everyone is different.

However, the first thing you think of a 7 year old girl writing about in 1st grade is ballerinas and princesses right? Well, not in my case. This girl right here wrote a short story about an alien abduction.

I was always interested in the scientific and theoretical things in life and I always pondered on “what if?” and my early childhood was no exception.

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