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It's an extremely proud, nationalistic country. There's strong traditionally masculine elements here.

That means a culture that can be kind of xenophobic, violent, and aggressive.

Despite that, I actually like it. I like traditionally masculine, proud, nationalistic countries. I know that isn't fashionable to say in this day and age, but after having been around a lot of the world, I just feel really bad for the citizens of countries that are totally pacified and unproud. The men move through life in a sort of drudgery and haze, and the women don't seem to enjoy those state of affairs either.

That said, pride/nationalism/hyper-masculine mixed with transitioning out of poverty can lead to bad places. It's not so much nationalism that is bad, as much as it's a catalyst for whatever else is happening in the society. In a country in a renaissance or golden age, with an emphasis on expansion, science, commerce, innovation, hard work, and building wealth, nationalism and pride becomes a force for progress. In a country that's on the down and out, nationalism amplifies that to bad result.

Mongolia is interesting. Their national holiday, Naadam, is a festival in July featuring wrestling, horseback riding, and archery.

Onto the arms of the bear / Taking a bite of the APPL...

On The Tiny Octopus

Yep it's finally happened as many people predicted. Overconfidence and impulsiveness have rode me onto the arms of the bear. Apple tanked another 25$ overnight and I've lost ALL my profits from the previous day swing trading from Tesla save for 15$ (there's that lunch money I mentioned earlier...) All of this because I thought I could play Apple during it's overhyped press conference. It turns out I was the one who'd be getting played all the way down.

A quick recap of what's happened since my last blog post:

* After market trading shows AAPL down to 493 from 494 after market close. I have a stake at 499 with orders to sell at 503. Hoping an institution bites just long enough for me to get out without much of a loss.

* I sleep (somehow restfully! - playing some Garry's mod and looking at MTG cards before bed prolly helped)

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