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Hey - how do you think?

Request: I got a fascinating email about thinking. I'm sharing my thoughts, but I'd appreciate yours too. It's kind of a difficult question - how do you think? But it's fascinating, so I'd like you to weigh in after reading this post.

Fascinating email from Huy Nguyen -

Hi Sebastian!

My name is Huy, 21 years old from Vietnam currently studying in Singapore. I've been reading your blog and I must say you're 1 hell of an inspiring guy! Recently I have been pondering on the topic of mindfulness/self-consciousness and I thought why not drop you an email to say hi and seek for some help :)

My current problem is my thought speed is restricted to how much I can spell the thoughts out (in words and sentence) in my minds. And that'd be really slow. Sometimes, I'm able to speed-thinking (if that's the right word). I don't actually need to spell out the words in my mind, just link to some picture/scene and somehow I'm able to articulate and understand the situation in my mind. But this is a very rare case and I'm not fully able to control it. Have you ever encountered this problem? Do your mind think in English as well, or some special-made brain language?

The Truth About Writing

There's two elements of writing. One is fun when it's going well, and miserable when it's not. The other is never fun.

Those are:

(1) Thinking, planning, brainstorming, daydreaming, and otherwise figuring out ideas.

(2) Communicating those ideas using words, language, and structure.

The first part of writing is thinking - figuring out what you want to say.

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