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You never know who is going to rise in the world...

Question on "The Persistent and Timely Will Inherit the Earth" -

Which is the best methods for dealing with people that correspondences aren't as much interesting as many with other people, and that you don't feel there is a fit, but they are really nice and want to connect with you ?

One thing I've learned is that you never know who is going to rise in the world.

Just writing to a random stranger on the internet shows a decent amount of tenacity on someone's part. Most people won't do it. So you're already filtered down to people who will put themselves out there a little bit and take a bit of action.

I know a guy who applied to work for me in a job when he was still in high school some years ago. I couldn't say yes to that - didn't want to deal with labor law, signing a contract with a minor (including IP assignment, work for hire... I don't know, seemed like it would have been a nightmare) - but he seemed like a good guy, so I took him out to lunch at a little Greek restaurant near my office and just asked what's going on his life.

Belief in One God

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Monotheism is the essence of Islam. To appreciate the purity and uniqueness of Islam, one must first clearly understand the Islamic concept of monotheism. The Arabic word, Allâh,is the abridged form of Al-Ilah, meaning,‘the God’.It implies that there is only one God, the Supreme and the Eternal,the Infinite and the Almighty, the Most Merciful and the Compassionate, the Creator and the Sustainer. He is the OmnipotentWho created the universe and everything in it. He is the One Who controls and sustains them. He is the One True God and He alone has the power of Creation. He is the Absolute. There is nothing like Him. He is the Creator and He is beyond the Universe, which is only one of His creations. Between Him and His creatures there are no intermediaries. He has existed always and will exist to all eternity. Everything shall perish except His Countenance.Islamic monotheism also includes recognizing the perfect names and attributes of God, which can be found in the Qurân. One should not compare His attributes or any other characteristic to that of anyone or anything else. All of the attributes of every other being are created while the attributes of Allâh are not created, but have always existed and areeternal.

"God is the Creator of all things and He is the Guardian and Disposer of all affairs. To Him belong thekeys of the heavens and the earth: and those who reject the Signs of God, it isthey who will be in loss. " [The Qurân Ch: 39 Al-Zumar, V: 62-63]

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