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You never know who is going to rise in the world...

Question on "The Persistent and Timely Will Inherit the Earth" -

Which is the best methods for dealing with people that correspondences aren't as much interesting as many with other people, and that you don't feel there is a fit, but they are really nice and want to connect with you ?

One thing I've learned is that you never know who is going to rise in the world.

Just writing to a random stranger on the internet shows a decent amount of tenacity on someone's part. Most people won't do it. So you're already filtered down to people who will put themselves out there a little bit and take a bit of action.

I know a guy who applied to work for me in a job when he was still in high school some years ago. I couldn't say yes to that - didn't want to deal with labor law, signing a contract with a minor (including IP assignment, work for hire... I don't know, seemed like it would have been a nightmare) - but he seemed like a good guy, so I took him out to lunch at a little Greek restaurant near my office and just asked what's going on his life.

Good Idea, or Bad habits?

On Princess Posts

Here's the story. Freshman year, I was in to all those "bad boys." He, was a good boy though and we became great friends but never ever dated. He was a grade above me and my dad loved him. I dated a really bad kid who was on his wrestling team. He told me how he didn't like me dating him, but told me that he would never tell me I couldn't do something and I respected that. We went to Florida for spring break with our families and I realized I had feelings for him. He liked me so much, he even put a plastic bag over his phone so he could text me while he was in the shower.

Sophomore year: One of his best friends died. He got really messed up. He started drinking all the time, and even got caught up in drugs. I wanted to be there for him, but he pushed me away. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't sit there and watch him self destruct. It was too hard. And he wouldn't talk to me anyway. So we stopped talking.

Junior year: I had no idea who he was...

Senior year: Yesterday, I sent him a snap chat, which is the first form of contact I've had with him in almost two years...

This morning: He responded. Excitedly. and we started talking again like we used to. I never realized how much I have missed him. But I have missed him, so much more than anyone will ever realize. But, I'm afraid. I mean, I've changed so much since we were friends. I am such a typical "goody-goody" now and I just, I don't know how to explain it to him or if I even have to. And maybe, (hopefully) he's changed too. Changed back into the guy I once knew. I hope he has, because I don't know if I will be able to lose him to the alcohol lifestyle again. It was rough.

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