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Days 47, 48: Conversation, Playstation, Flu

Both days untracked. D47 and D48 both untracked... started well, some decent work. We got off the schedule for work on D47, the Head of Marketing and Entertainment from a local hotel we did a deal with invited us over to his house. So we were there when we'd normally be working, played Playstation, ate popcorn, had a good time... can't remember the last time I had a day like that.

Unfortunately, it was pouring rain on the way back home. The drainage is pretty bad in Ulaanbaatar, and I was skirting around the edge of the road with a calf-deep or perhaps knee-deep below. It was a two-lane road, and most cars were wisely sticking to the dry side.

Then this maniac comes at full speed, hits the puddle, got soaked head to the toe. No joke. Quickly turned off my USB headset and iPhone, both of which were wet (they didn't break thankfully). Walking back after that, I felt some chills and woke up with a cold.

Going hard on the medicine, vitamins, going to stop by the pharmacy and grab some nuclear strong antibiotics. In countries without strict prescription controls, I'll usually keep azithromycin in my apartment, but didn't bring any with me. I'll grab some if I can find it, or amoxacillin if not.

It turned out to (almost) be a blessing in a disguise, since instead of an intense workday I just worked slowly and did a bunch of planning. I haven't had time for that slow planning stuff, but I've been basically out of commission for running around the last couple days. Let's see how this affects things going forwards.

Chris Dame -- The Innovation Consultant, On Living In The Future

We've had some amazing people join GiveGetWin recently. While on Skype with Chris Dame, he mentioned how we're living in the future with cheap power-generating bricks -- the kind that used to cost tens of thousands of dollars and take a lot of man-hours to set up when he was working worldwide as an innovation consultant. 

He wrote this up, and an introduction of himself and what he does below. He's a really neat guy, so you're going to enjoy meeting him and getting to see his work on philanthropy implementation, design upgrades, processes, and recruiting at GiveGetWin coming forwards. Here's Chris --


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