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People are loving TSR

... and that makes me really happy.

I haven't done any promotion since re-launching The Strategic Review. Nothin'. And yet, over the last 5 days, we added over 80 new subscribers just through word of mouth. Awesome.

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Dear Sebastian,

Why The New Kindle is a Must-Have for Travelers

On Tynan

There are three items I own which I'll always upgrade when a significant upgrade exists: my computer, my camera, and my Kindle. Yesterday I got my new Kindle, the fourth generation one that was just released. Before I talk about this specific Kindle, I want to address some general points about the Kindle.


Some people balk at the $189 price tag of the newest 3G Kindle (which is the only one to buy, by the way). It's expensive, but only if you consider it a drop in replacement for books. I consider it $200 to ensure that I read at least 10X more than I used to.

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