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Luck? Fortune? Again, no.

Good comment/question by Jeff on "Luck Doesn't Exist" -


I’ve thought about this a good bit as well, and I think you and I have quite a few similar thoughts on this topic (and others based on your reply above about “Everything is my responsibility”).

I’m not sure I want to enter the fray here, because as you and others have tracked down, there are semantic blurs regarding “Luck”. One has to distinguish between the Magical Thinking version of luck and the other. I’d wager that those siding with the Magical Thinking version don’t really have a clear understanding of the factual world of mathematical probability.

More semantic blurring is evident when one considers the common casual usage of “lucky” without literally believing in the Magical Thinking definition. It is often used (you could argue incorrectly) as a simple expression of appreciation for one’s situation.

When I Die

On Tynan

Many years ago I decided that when I died I would become cryogenically frozen when I died.

Of course, that decision carried no weight - the procedure costs more than one hundred thousand dollars, money which I didn't have to set aside.

A couple months ago I walked into Style's living room. Mystery was there.

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