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Reactance, Day II: Implications

So, there's this thing called reactance. If you're like most people, you've probably never heard of it, and yet it has huge implications for your life.

Reactance is a psychological phenomenon -- in response to loss of a freedom, loss of choice, or a perceived loss of freedom/choice, people are quite likely to feel psychological reactance.

Psychological reactance makes you want to push back against the new restrictions, to fight and combat them, to reassert yourself and control over your world.

This can be in the form of direct resistance or pushback against the loss of freedom, and increased desire for the prohibited action.

But it does a lot of other things, too. Reactance causes people to like and enjoy whatever their threatened freedom is more than they liked it in the past, often permanently. Reactance causes people to want to reestablish freedom/control through similar types of behavior -- like increased eating of junkfood in response to being prohibited from drinking alcohol.

MaxDiet Week: Introduction

On Tynan

I occasionally mention my diet, which has spawned some questions in a recent thread as well as in my survey results.

So this week I'm going to explain my diet in detail, focusing on what I eat, why I eat it, and the facts behind the food.

The ideas aren't mine originally, and I'm certainly not the only person to eat this way, but I call it the MaxDiet because there is no formal name for it, and from the research I've done it appears to be the best possible diet.

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