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Mongolian Diplomacy - Stay Out of War With Russia and China

Yesterday, I talked about Crossing the Chinese/Mongolian Border by Land. I mentioned that I met a really interesting, intelligent, and world-traveled guy named Bat, and we had some good conversations.

I learned a lot about Mongolia from Bat. Here's some highlights:

Mining is one of the fastest growing sectors in Mongolia - some Australian companies have made huge investments into Mongolia the last year or two, and next year is projected to be the largest budget the government of Mongolia has ever had.

I asked Bat, "So what do you think the government is going to spend the new revenues on? Military, education, infrastructure, or...?"


On grow

Do you remember the movie Mean Girls?

Cady's a little out of place at her new high school, and naturally becomes friends with a guy and a girl who are a little fringe themselves. Eventually, she starts hanging out with the Plastics, who are basically a bunch of judgey and superficial b-words. And Cady feels caught between two worlds, being two completely different people. You catch glimpses of her shame.

Enter me.

Enter my shame.

That story where Peter denies knowing Jesus used to tick me off. I would think, "C'mon, Pete. Get a hold of yourself, you traitor. Judas is better off!" Before today, I don't think I would have ever compared myself to him. Maybe Mary, sitting at Jesus' feet, or the beloved disciple reclining on Christ's chest at the dinner table. Not today. Today, I finally came to grips with the fact that I am straight up embarrassed to say stuff like, "I'm a Christian." Why? Because way too often the word Christian is synonymous with stupid.

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