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Lights Spreadsheet: Week Five

Lights Spreadsheet, Week 5

So, I keep this Lights Spreadsheet to keep track of the actions I most want to be doing each day.

It works as a control — it gets me to do more of these actions.

It also works as a warning sign — if I see I’ve had mediocre sleep or no exercise for 4 days in a row, it prompts me to fix that before things start getting out of hand.

The Importance of Environment on Productivity

On Tynan

I've got two weeks in China. The first was spent between Shanghai and Beijing with Leo, mostly drinking prodigious amounts of good tea in tucked away teahouses. The second week I figured I'd catch up on work.

With nothing much besides work on the agenda, I picked a cheap hotel in a good location. The hotel is nestled in one of the hutongs, or alleys, in Guloudajie. The bed is just like the one I have in my RV, meaning that it's nothing more than a futon on a hard mat, which suits me fine. Just a few minutes walk from the front door is a long alley full of food stalls and restaurants, including a healthy Korean one I've had lunch at three times now.

My first day alone in Beijing, I was eager to start working through my todo list. I sat at the desk in my room, opened up my computer, and then spent ten minutes trying to get comfortable. The desk seemed to be more for show than utility, as it's carved out of wood and paired with a matching wooden stool.

I gave up on the desk and got into bed, sitting up against some propped up pillows. That was comfortable enough, but it left me in a bad position for typing, so I was constantly deterred from actually doing any programming. Instead I clicked around, reading emails and checking reports. I tried sitting cross legged, hunched over the laptop. I tried lying on my stomach with the laptop in front of me.

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