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Structural Aggression -- Roman Consuls

The organizational structure you put people in has a huge bearing on how they perform.

If a person is in a small town, they'll act differently than a large city.

It's not that they'll consciously choose different options, per se - instead, they'll naturally have different stimuli.

Add in different constraints and incentives, and you get very different behavior.

Why did the Romans conquer so much?

Can you accept whatever happens to you?

On The Art of Sanity

What if you decided you were going to accept whatever happened to you ?

What if you accepted every moment just as it is? How would your life be different?

Does that sound scary, or foolish?

What does acceptance mean? Most people think that it means giving in, or giving up. Resignation to a horrible fate. You may wonder “How can I accept the horrible things that are happening to me?" and "If I accept them, doesn't that mean I'm hopeless and not trying to make it better?"

No. that’s not what acceptance means. Accepting does not mean giving up.

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