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Structural Aggression -- Roman Consuls

The organizational structure you put people in has a huge bearing on how they perform.

If a person is in a small town, they'll act differently than a large city.

It's not that they'll consciously choose different options, per se - instead, they'll naturally have different stimuli.

Add in different constraints and incentives, and you get very different behavior.

Why did the Romans conquer so much?

Is Action Another Form of Thought?

On The Comfortable Handbasket

Someone's thoughts influence what they do. What they do also influences what they think. But are they sometimes the same thing?

If you're honest, yes. But it can be really hard to be honest.

Works both ways. If you are when you do something, you'll see what is for what is, at least in the way that you can understand it at the time. And any error will/can be be corrected in the future.

Also, if you're honest about thought, thought will lead to action so that they become one and the same.

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