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Good Comment: Life Manifest

I'd like to bring attention to this ingenious comment by Stefanie Zobus. I'm adding bold on my favorite part -

It’s terribly easy to waste a day. It’s the evening, and I haven’t really done anything useful. I thought of planning the day when I got up, but in the end didn’t. I think books such as that one are really good in that they remind people their treacherous tendencies that take over when one doesn’t pay attention carefully enough. Old habits and all that. It would probably be a good idea to have something that forcefully reminds one of the whole business every day when one gets up, at least when one is still establishing new habits.

Something I thought about in that respect was that it would be useful to write some sort of ‘life manifest.’ Discussing how one wants ones’ life to be, what one wants to do in life, and very importantly: why – because when one doubts and falters, one could read that and be reminded of why one tries, and why one should keep going. You wrote something similar in that you had some post some time ago as to how many books you want to publish until then-and-then, and how much money you want to own at this or that point… which is a really good thing since it encourages and sets goals. There are so many methods and ways helping one to keep going… one just has to find and employ them. I’m afraid, the employing part is difficult. Reading a book like that brings one ‘back to earth’ I suppose, if one really cares. And if one doesn’t care, well, then things are pretty hopeless anyway.

Very smart stuff. I have some things that I live for, but I never thought to look at those when I was feeling demotivated. Great stuff. Stefanie just launched a site at http://stefaniezobus.wordpress.com/ - here's looking forward to good insights from her.

Cam's Cure For OCD

On Cameron Chardukian

First off, let me cover my ass legally. I’m not a doctor. Don’t take this as medical advice. Consider these ideas to be “Entertainment.” Ultimately, you’re responsible for any actions you take as a result of this blog post. Seek out a qualified professional for any health difficulties you may or may not be struggling with.

With that being said, something I’d struggled with over the last 6-9 months was OCD. It was strange to me because OCD was something I’d never dealt with before, and around the onset of the 2013-2014 school year I developed a mild to moderate case of it.

I’d check my alarm clocks 3-4 times to make sure they were set each night. Inside my car I’d have to chant, “Lights off. Lights off. Lights off. Lights off,” before I could get out.

My eccentric behaviors weren’t running or ruining my life, but they were an almost constant low level anxiety. I’ve tried several different things to combat these strange inclinations over the past few months, and in doing so I’ve found several techniques and ideas that have served me in almost completely eliminating my OCD.

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