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Who's on Your War Counsel?

About three years ago, I read the excellent book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. At that time, I made a list of the top 5-10 people in my life that I was to and had similar goals with. I sent out emails to them every once a month with what I was working on.

Eventually, I fell off from this habit. Not sure why - I'd had gotten good advice, stayed in touch with people I like, and it was a positive experience. I started re-thinking building my counsel a little over a year ago.

The challenge is, I've got a diverse set of goals and ideas. I write, I do business, I travel, I create art, I adventure, I'm looking to establish a strong family, and so on. I have friends who are writers or artists that aren't interested in business. I've got friends in business that pretty much always stick to their one city. I know guys who are pretty simple, work a normal job, don't make any art or do any entrepreneurship, but have very strong and good families. I know very successful businessmen who travel and adventure, but aren't interested in having kids.

So I was thinking - how do I balance this all on my counsel?

And eventually, the idea hits me. I need multiple, relevant counsels.

Location Independence

On Steven Dowd

To fund my travels, I am going to need to find ways to make money wherever I am. I plan to implement as many ideas as I can, and then focus on the more successful ones as time goes on. Some of them I will be able start doing now, while others are going to take more prep work. My hope is that I will be making money using the skills that I am going to need on my travels. 3D modeling for a site like Shapeways. If you are not familiar with the site, at Shapeways you create a shop with 3D models that you have uploaded. Customers can then browse and purchase them in certain materials. You just set how much profit you want to make from your products, and Shapeways takes care of the printing and shipping. I've just found a guide for 3D modeling on Lifehacker, which looks like a good place to start. This is a skill I am interested in learning anyway, so even if I hardly make anything, it would be worth the experience. Monetizing the blog. I want to be extremely light handed in this. The only non-intrusive way I have come up with so far has been affiliate marketing with Amazon. I have made an account with them and plan on implementing it on a trial basis where I feel that it would be appropriate. I don't want this blog to become about products, but when I want to recommend a book or something that I have used that I think would help people, I will post an affiliate link to Amazon. Freelance translating. This is a long-term goal. I want to learn Spanish because I plan on spending a lot of time in native Spanish-speaking countries. I think a good way to reinforce and build upon my fluency would be to translate documents. Other freelance work. Content writing and transcription are things I may look into down the line. I hesitate to do them right now because I don't think they would really develop the skills that I want to focus on. I would really like to work on my photography skills as well, so once I have more experience and better equipment I will looking into ways to sell my work. \\ If you have experience with these or any other kinds of location independent work, please start a dialogue in the comments.

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