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My Definitive "Meaning Over Happiness" Post

Mike Radivis just asked asked some good questions on "Chase Meaning, Not Happiness" -

How do you measure meaning if not in terms of happiness? Aren't things that create more happiness for a longer time for a larger number of individuals better than those things who lack those qualities but are proclaimed to be personal achievements anyway? Does the scope of happiness make happiness meaningful to you or not? What are achievements good for if they aren't good at facilitating happiness? Imagine you wouldn't experience any pleasant or unpleasant emotions and would have to decide rationally what to pursue (assuming that is possible at all). Then what you want to do with your life? (Another way to formulate this question maybe would be to ask what's your grand strategy in that situation.)

I'm quite interested in your answers. I like that your blog posts are so outspoken. It's just that the message of this post is hard for me to grasp, as I'm pretty much utilitarian in my thinking.

Good questions. I'll go through it line by line.

How do you measure meaning if not in terms of happiness?


On The Crazy Squid

I have read about the importance of being mindful, living a mindful life and being mindful of what you do and why you do it. I never really let it sink in or do much about that advice but I plan of incorporating it into my daily life.

What changes might take place if we were all mindful of why we are agitated, sad, biased? Could your health be improved if you were to pay attention to the foods you eat and how they make you feel, energized or sluggish? Same goes for activities, how do you feel after an evening in front of the TV or online, and compare that to reading a book or exercising. One of my goals this year is to keep a journal of foods and how they make me feel as well as activities and people I spend time with. I wanted to record what makes me feel good and what does not. Why record it you ask? You would think at a little over mid life I would know the answers to what makes me tick, what makes me happy already. But I don't, (well I do know some of it) so that means if I really want to know I need to step it up and record it and take a look back over the journal every month end and try to pick out a pattern of foods or activities and incorporate or remove things from my life.

I often wonder if I am in the correct career, maybe there is something out there that would make me more fulfilled and ultimately happier opposed to selling insurance (nothing wrong with this, it is necessary fact of life, that I do enjoy for the most part) and filling a quota for the year. Practicing mindfulness I believe would be a huge first step in uncovering more health and happiness.

We only get one spin around this globe so why not make it an amazing experience!

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