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Principles For Teaching Yourself Visual Art

After spotting an article on Medium that said, “Attending art school is a waste of your money”, Chiara knew the author had to be interesting. He is.... and so we're really glad to have him here on GiveGetWin.

Noah Bradley is an artist who’s been freelancing for 5+ years. In that short time, he achieved enough financial freedom to finally work full time on his own art. Chiara brought him to share some really cool insights and lessons from freelancing as an artist, such as:

If you do any sort of art at all, read and enjoy this interview. Then head over to Noah's deal -- course on making money online as an artist, something he’s always found lacking in art school.

"Principles For Teaching Yourself Visual Art" -- by Noah Bradley, as told to Chiara Cokieng

Mom Life 1: Backseat Driver

On Waiting for My Owl

Last night, I went somewhere with the kids. We were on a back country road, which I have driven on for about ten years now. Country roads have lots of intersections that are seldom busy. You get a little too used to it sometimes...

After going through one of these deserted intersections, Noah says, "mom, did you stop?"

I say, "yes..." (Obviously, because he had to ask means I probably didn't stop as well as I should have.)

There's a short pause, and then he continues, "Next time you should stop longer."

Accepting criticism for my driving is hard enough from my mom and my husband, but my 4 year old?! Nonetheless, I swallow my pride and say, "ok".

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