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Weekly Lectures on Strategy -- First Is In Beijing, China on Sunday the 11th

I'll be doing weekly lectures on strategy in whatever city I'm in, starting this coming week in Beijing, China.

I'll either lecture myself or have a guest -- we have a lot of talented people come through with backgrounds in technology, marketing, finance, sales, art, etc. Currently we've got six bedrooms across two apartments that we use to put up visiting guests and partners, and we have a lot of talented people coming through. Some mix of myself and guests/partners will speak on history, money, business, decisionmaking, statistics, etc.

Other Details -

Exact Date: Sunday, March 11th. Exact time TBD. Exact Topic: Probably a broad overview of strategy. Location: Shuangjing District, Beijing. A short walk from Shuangjing Station on Line 10. Cost: Free. Optionally make a small donation to charity.

Light refreshments will be served.

Days 53, 54, 55, 56: Ger District, Deals, Flying

Nearing Day 60 of 90... if I were to do this experiment/campaign again, I'd have done 30 days extremely thoroughly and intensely, instead of 90 with some of the principles (tracking) falling off in the middle.

Untracked days. Quickly --

D53: Seeing the Ger Districts of Mongolia, spending time with Shari from Flourishing Futures who is an amazing woman doing some amazing things. A little work in the evening.

D54: Not sure. Not tracked, not sure from a quick look at my records. General work?

D55: Finished two deals for two different teams I was on. $7200 total. A couple discussions. Filming some marketing content.

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