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Happy holidays. Let's have a Skype chat.

Hey there,

It's been a good year. Scratch that. It's been a great year.

Lots of good things, good adventures, good opportunities, old and new friends.

I'm really grateful for all my readers and visitors here for helping make the site work. So, I just blocked out 10 hours for calls from the 27th to the 31st of this month.

I'll give you a link in a moment, so you can book a Skype call with me. Before I do, please read these instructions and make sure they're suitable to you:

Firebreaks and Rapid Repairs

On The Mum

I don't get to write very often about productivity these days. I'm too busy doing things. There's some sad irony there.

Yet, there's two points that have been so critical, so valuable, so life-affirming... that I so often see people doing the exact opposite of what's correct in... that I thought I'd spend my morning writing this up.

Images via Wikipedia article on "firebreak."

1. Firebreaks: Because When Your Mind Can't Be Trusted, It Really Can't Be Trusted

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