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Use Everything That Gets Thrown At You

So, life throws mess at you sometimes. My trusty ol' Toshiba kicked the bucket yesterday, which kind of ticked me off. But, I'm a big believer in using everything that gets thrown at you.

I went to the Low Yat IT Center in Kuala Lumpur, which was a nice place with a wide selection. I got a new Toshiba for about ~700 USD: Intel Core i3, 4 GB Ram, 500 GB harddrive, built in webcam/mic, Windows 7, and the rest of the specs are nothing special.

So, now I've got a faster computer with a clean install. My bookmarks are fried from my old computer (that's what forgetting to back things up does), but there's also some value in this. A lot of the things I had I wasn't going to act on again, and I wasn't going to step up and triage them either... it was just clutter.

Well, I'm at Clutter Zero now, which means the decks are cleared. I'll harness this and ideally do more focused and better work over the coming weeks because of it.

I'm a big believer in this - regardless of what happens, find a way to do something valuable with it.

The Work Computer/Play Computer Setup -- By Force

One of the largest productivity gains I ever got was going to a work computer / play computer setup.

I'd read about Paul Graham implementing it, and a few other people I respect. So when I switched over to Mac, I kept my old Toshiba for surfing the net and otherwise screwing around, and would only work or do work-like things on the Mac.

It worked well.

Not only was I more productive, I was happier. And I mean, really truly happier across the board. In the moment-by-moment, I was either fully disengaged and feeling good about it after working or when deciding to take a break. And when I was working, I focused. When I got to a hard problem, I kept going and pushed through it. It produced both more calm and more triumph. It was a good thing.

But then... eventually, things start to crack. And once they do, it's hard to get the magic up.

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