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Use Everything That Gets Thrown At You

So, life throws mess at you sometimes. My trusty ol' Toshiba kicked the bucket yesterday, which kind of ticked me off. But, I'm a big believer in using everything that gets thrown at you.

I went to the Low Yat IT Center in Kuala Lumpur, which was a nice place with a wide selection. I got a new Toshiba for about ~700 USD: Intel Core i3, 4 GB Ram, 500 GB harddrive, built in webcam/mic, Windows 7, and the rest of the specs are nothing special.

So, now I've got a faster computer with a clean install. My bookmarks are fried from my old computer (that's what forgetting to back things up does), but there's also some value in this. A lot of the things I had I wasn't going to act on again, and I wasn't going to step up and triage them either... it was just clutter.

Well, I'm at Clutter Zero now, which means the decks are cleared. I'll harness this and ideally do more focused and better work over the coming weeks because of it.

I'm a big believer in this - regardless of what happens, find a way to do something valuable with it.

Review of new macbook pro: Why this die-hard windows user turned to mac

On Ideas in the Making

For the longest time I hated, detested and utterly never understood why people bought mac or any other apple products. They were (and still are) expensive, mired in propietary gadgets, and very restrictive. People used to tell me all type of stupid stuff to justify them buying mac/apple products. They don't crash (wrong), they don't get viruses/infected (wrong), they are easier to use (wrong, you just double click on stuff just like windows).

But I did it, I finally gave in and bought one of the new macbook pro retina. With the student discount and some upgrades it came out to a decent price. Here is why I ended up getting it.

1. Two OSes for the price of one. You cant run mac comfortably on windows. I've tried hackintosh and vmware, They work, don't get me wrong, but they are mired with problems, slow, unresponsive and require a ton of work when new updates come out. But on a mac you can fully install windows and run with barely any issues. While the optimization might be different and not be true to specs because the hardware is so mac focused (you get a lot less battery life for example), you just end up being able to reliably run both Oses (and linux as well, but you can do that on any computer) with no hassle.

2. The price has gone down. Right after I found out you can run both Windows and mac, I immediately felt a bit relieved, but was still disappointed at the huge price I would have to pay compared to similar windows laptops/ultrabooks (atm the best ultrabook is Asus 301A w/ corei7 4558u by the way, truly a beast of a computer). I was planning on getting the Asus, but it was expensive. Heck any good laptop running a 58u or 28u were expensive. I wanted retina resolution and 28u or 58u processor (these processors run at higher wattage and have a significantly better integrated graphics processor called iris). I expected mac to release without 28u or 58u and be at least 200-300 dollars more expensive if one where to get the 8us. But they surprised me. Not only does every new macbook have an 8u processor and retina display and is all flash, but they lowered the price by 200-300 by doing so. slap on a 100 dollar student discount (insert: they didn't even ask me for confirmation, but I am a student though).

3. Apple makes very strong, durable laptops. I gotta say the best thing by far about the actual laptop is the build. The keyboard is great, very spring and good to type with with very useful shortcuts. The trackpad, is well, flawless. very responsive, large and tons of very handy gestures. The screen is great and not glossy, which is the only thing about the asus I hated. the all aluminmum build means its is tough. It also weighs a lot less now, and only around .5 pounds more than air, but u get a much better screen, processor, graphics etc. Overall the actual laptop is just very strong and feels premium. A lot of other manfacturers have tried to copy or at least impose design style into their laptops, but most of the time they feel cheap, or weak, or just fragile, not with apple. albeit, the asus is covered in gorilla glass, which might make it awesome.

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