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The "I wonder what the next business craze is" game

Everyone is going crazy for social stuff online. I think it's really good stuff, and there's lots of room to grow in it, and there'll be more successes and more adoption of current stuff.

However, I think the real winners are building something entirely differently right now. They're building for whatever gets hot after social.

Normally if you read an article like this, they'd make some predictions, most of which would turn out to be wrong. I won't do that. Instead, I'll point you to one of the more interesting industries to look at for this sort of thing - mobile phones.

Phones were interesting for me because I was traveling a lot, and I got to see the sort of phones that were popular in Japan when the Motorola Razr was the hottest phone in the United States.

The Japanese phones were three times larger and much clunkier, but had a lot of features. The Razr was stripped down - it did calls, texts, and that's pretty much it. And it had bad battery life.

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On Where Pianos Roam

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I've been spearheading my beloved blog for almost three years now.  Over three hundred posts and one major platform change later, I think I finally figured out what how I want to focus Where Pianos Roam.  Don't get me wrong, I love posting about my life and the insights I've gained from living it.  I know that I will still want do this, but from now on, I'll be doing it within a more focused context.

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