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What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

"What gets measured, gets managed." - Peter Drucker

There is so much power in this quote. If you've never tracked yourself, you don't even know how much power there is in tracking. I couldn't even explain it adequately. You wouldn't believe me. You'd think I was exaggerating. The simple act of paying attention to something will cause you to make connections you never did before, and you'll improve the those areas - almost without any extra effort.

I'm not a believer in "free lunch" and I don't think the universe vibrates things to you just by thinking about them. But the closest thing to a free lunch getting vibrated to you by the universe is writing things down as they happen.

Before I go any further, I need to give you one piece of advice - start small and build up, so you don't overwhelm yourself. This is just being pragmatic. You want to scale up gradually, as I wrote up in "The Evolution of My Time/Habit/Life Tracking." You want to build small wins, lock them so they become automatic, and then expand.

I'd have a hard time convincing you of the power of tracking, so I'll just show you. I fill this out every single day.

Columbia Best Adventure of My Life or Worst Disaster - Part 4

On Sexy Polish Heads Up Millionaire

I am on long down-swing and I think it's one of best things that could happen to me. I was in a point where I felt so bad with myself, so bad with being out of control that I can say I hit the bottom, emotionally at least. Why it is so good that I think it's the best thing that could happen? Of course not because it was / is enjoyable, it's one of those experience that you are glad you had but you would never put yourself into, unless you are a masochist.

When every thing's fucked up, you doubt. At the beginning you doubt that it will be like that for a long time and you think that correction is right over there. You've had some doswnings but they passed. Some shit happened in your life but it also passed. When downswing beats you over and over again, there is a point when you start that it's going to end. You think that it will be like that for ever. You doubt in yourself and think that your are not good enough, and it happen that because you suck. If it won't stop doing it you have a problem. You feel helpless and not in control. Even though it's part of variation and it will happen to anyone sooner or latter. They questions is not "is it going to happen?" but "When it's going to happen?"

Lately I've read in book that saying that "The Truth will set you free" is a bunch of BS and only doubt can set you free. Didn't understood what author meant until I start writing this post.... Doubt will set you free because at some point you'll have doubt in your believe system. I had wrong expectation and was thinking too much about long run. I was in a place where I was working a lot, worrying a lot about future in my free time, when I should rest and didn't enjoy life as much as I should.

I think the lesson is learned because I've understood that I need to think about the future twice a day. Every morning when I set up goals for a day, prioritize and check my long term goals, and every evening, when I make a summary. Thinking about it more often make more charm then good, and decrease quality of life a lot. So what if I won't be prepare enough, I have to let small bad things happen to focus on more important things and to enjoy the life. It's never perfect time or moment, the only questions is what are you going to do with it.

When you have high expectations, high ambitions and want big things from life sometimes you tend to feel miserable about yourself, and thinking that you are not good enough. This approach doesn't work for me lately, was feeling even worse on downswing so I adapted. Funny thing. Had 4 sleepless nights when I had many 'aha' moments about my life, about believes that does not work and I think it's because of meditation. I was willing to do literally everything to overcome downswing. I even started meditation / stretching body. When I've realized how much tension was in me, I overcome it and some of my believes changed, still don't know it's because of my body or my mind. I understand that all the time I had wrong expectations and my approach was pretty lame. Poker is great because it's so brutal that you have to face reality over and over again until you will get rid of all your demons.

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