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How Much Time Spent Measuring?

I got a good question On Twitter from @Carole_Fabre. She wrote:

@sebastmarsh Are you not afraid to fall infinitively in the mirror with all these mesures ?

@sebastmarsh and have you already mesure the time you spend mesuring ? :-)

She's half-joking, but it's a good point. Here's my thoughts -

1. Tracking should serve you, you shouldn't serve it. Your system should be lightweight and easy and fun to use. You should get much more results out of it than you put into it.

"I don't deserve you"

On Looking at her hurts a bit

I don't deserve you. I. don't. deserve. you.

Well that's certainly something I've never been told in my entire life. Not sure if I like it.

I'll back up a bit to explain.

If you've read my first post than you know that I'm bisexual and I currently have a crush on a really (like really) popular girl from school. She's also super super pretty.

Anyways, things between me and her are.. complicated. We talk via whatsapp but it's always me who starts and she answers with just a few words. A normal person would back up, right? Well I would have, if not for the fact that we have kissed and when we meet in real life she comes to me and she invited me to her private party and a lot of other stuff happened. Also, my friends continue to tell me they can see that she likes me a lot.

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