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The Iron Temple

The body is called a temple? It's said sometimes, but it's not correct for everyone.

For whatever reason, children with highly developed analytical and intellectual skills in the West usually don't gravitate towards more physical, strenuous, and intense activities. There's exceptions -- plenty -- but generally speaking, people who have extreme analytical mental ability tend to neglect their physical ability.

But then the body, a supposed temple, becomes a prison for the mind, dragging its possessor down into low energy, poor moods, and various aches and ailments and pains.

No, the body isn't a temple. The real temple is a place you like to engage in activities to be active and move and have your blood move and activate your muscles and get into motion.

And to succeed at that, especially if you're very analytical, you need to get your mind involved. Whether that be a competitive sport, or a set of exercises that you work towards constant form, or whether it's a game of increasing strength of flexibility or performance... regardless of the particular details, engaging the mind and body together becomes crucial for keeping your mind free and alive.

Impact Fitness - Indiranagar, Bangalore, India

On The Gym Scout

There is a particular kind of gym going around Bangalore - air conditioned, glass walled, space restricted and eventually sissy. Before we give this one a name, let's see what it holds beyond the glass walls (through which anyone can peer and make a decision!).

This gym is lined out in an straight line "C" shape. Treadmills, EFX and a couple of cycling things are line up along one edge. They are on the glass wall side, so the world can see you sweating it out on a treadmill at 8kmph. Through the neck of the gym are a random collection of contraptions. Too random to be named here. The neck also has a squat rack, and wonder of wonders doesn't even have a mirror in sight, so you can focus purely on the lift, but not nearly enough space to step out of the rack and squat or overhead press! (Wonder whether it's the lack of space or the lack of a mirror which sends people away from this area! Looking at the people around me in the gym I wouldn't bet on the first).

The other edge of the gym covers the basics, free weights, pull up bars, two benches. And that's it - the gym has ended! It ends without having nearly enough space for compound movement of any kind. You can't even do military presses without hitting a wall or another person. Beyond space, the gym also lacks a few basics - not enough barbells and weight discs are no where to be seen. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find space in this gym to do a deadlift - although I did try - at 3 in the afternoon. Even then, it lacks the large 45lbs discs which help you deadlift with proper form. You end up going too far down to bring up the bar. Also, the Habanero downstairs would be more crowded than the gym at that time. So I wouldn't count on finding space during "peak hours".

No rowing machine kettlebells, not enough space to do lifts of any kind, too few benches, and fellow gymmers or lifters who don't really inspire.

I would have difficulty convincing you to join this gym for a tenth the price.

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