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Humans Buy Products Like Dogs Piss on Fire Hydrants

I guess it was a little impulsive, but I got an apartment in Mongolia yesterday.

I've only been here eight days, but I like it enough. And I felt like I needed some grounding to get all my work done. Worst case scenario, I just eat the security deposit if I move on early.

500,000 tugruk a month. $400. It's a nice place. Furnished. Near Sukhbaatar Square.

Then a funny thing happens - my inclination after moving in is to think about all stuff I could buy to fill the place up. I think, ah, I could get some really nice soaps. And some of this, and some of that.

And it strikes me - that's kind of absurd. Don't mistake me for anti-consumerist, because I'm not. I think mass production has done so much for the world in terms of getting a reasonably high quality of goods to people at a good price.

Mission Vision and Blah

On The Gym Scout

This blog has one aim. It is to work out in and rate all the gyms around! Being in India, it will obviously be India centric. But I am a traveller too, and hope to have reviews of gyms the world over!

My history with gyms is not as deep as some of the hardcore lifters out there. Most of my work has focused on functional strength and training and I don't remember the last time I did a bicep curl. I have played squash on the national circuit for 8 years and have captained my university squash team. I play football too, most of the time as a central midfielder. So you begin to get an idea of what I look for in a gym! Lots of free weights, lots of space, don't care about the various contraptions, kettlebells and rowing machines!

So here we go!

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