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The Iron Temple

The body is called a temple? It's said sometimes, but it's not correct for everyone.

For whatever reason, children with highly developed analytical and intellectual skills in the West usually don't gravitate towards more physical, strenuous, and intense activities. There's exceptions -- plenty -- but generally speaking, people who have extreme analytical mental ability tend to neglect their physical ability.

But then the body, a supposed temple, becomes a prison for the mind, dragging its possessor down into low energy, poor moods, and various aches and ailments and pains.

No, the body isn't a temple. The real temple is a place you like to engage in activities to be active and move and have your blood move and activate your muscles and get into motion.

And to succeed at that, especially if you're very analytical, you need to get your mind involved. Whether that be a competitive sport, or a set of exercises that you work towards constant form, or whether it's a game of increasing strength of flexibility or performance... regardless of the particular details, engaging the mind and body together becomes crucial for keeping your mind free and alive.

Mission Vision and Blah

On The Gym Scout

This blog has one aim. It is to work out in and rate all the gyms around! Being in India, it will obviously be India centric. But I am a traveller too, and hope to have reviews of gyms the world over!

My history with gyms is not as deep as some of the hardcore lifters out there. Most of my work has focused on functional strength and training and I don't remember the last time I did a bicep curl. I have played squash on the national circuit for 8 years and have captained my university squash team. I play football too, most of the time as a central midfielder. So you begin to get an idea of what I look for in a gym! Lots of free weights, lots of space, don't care about the various contraptions, kettlebells and rowing machines!

So here we go!

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