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There Are No Enemies in Death

When bad people are alive, you can oppose them. But as soon as they are gone, they're not your enemies any more. They're just people who once were, but now are not. Memories.

The quote - there are no enemies in death - comes from "Lone Wolf and Cub," a favorite serious of mine. You can see me reviewing a bit of it at the entry "Rule an Empire, Fistful of Rice."

After some mortal enemies is vanquished, the protagonist gives them a respectful burial. When asked why, he explains that there are no enemies in death.

It's easy to get caught up in cheering for one side of history, but your feelings don't affect what's already happened. And strong feelings can easily blind you from figuring out what really happened.

It may not always be possible, but it would be good for you if you can become dispassionate in analyzing long dead eras.

In Praise of True Friends

Most friends - aren't.

Hell, acquaintances are better than halfway friends. With acquaintances, at least everyone is real about where you're at.

A lot of our camp are people who were on their way very much up in the world before the financial crash hit, but we were all a little unstable and shaky since we don't have decades of experience yet.

Many of us got broken down. Some scraped by and kept moving. But all the young businessmen I know went down in the world.

And like, when you live a couple blocks off Newbury Street with nice art and nice furniture and some swords and a fireplace, it's really easy to make "friends."

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