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The Failure to Execute Kobayakawa Hideaki, and the Fall of the Toyotomi

History shows us that we should not play things halfway.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi was Undisputed Ruler of Japan. He had brought all the Japanese generals under his loyalty, set an extremely durable and efficient legal structure, and had achieved more than anyone in Japanese history - rising from a peasant servant to the height of command.

Unsatisfied with the fastest and largest ascent in all of Japanese history, Hideyoshi wanted to conquer all of Korea and China. In the year 1597, he launched the Second Korean Campaign.

In the most desperate times, strong cultures produce great heroes - and Korean Grand Admiral Yi Sun-Sin rose to the challenge, shattering the Japanese naval forces and cutting the supply lines. The Japanese forces pinned down in Korea had land superiority, solid defensive fortifications, and better artillery. But the Ming China/Joseon Korean alliance was winning the gradual war of attrition after establishing naval superiority.

Toyotomi had won basically every engagement he'd fought in throughout history. A scuffling defeat here and there, but he had seemed blessed by the gods themselves. He was, naturally, furious at the inability of his forces to conquer Korea.

Las part of Chapter 1 Chloros: Avaritia

On Rafael Guerra

Slowly, he regained consciousness. He was not the same; the skin that had covered him earlier lay next to him. Some still remained on his face and arms, but for the most part it had fallen off. He stared at the ceiling for a minute and noticed a giant black stain on it; he thought it must be mold. It certainly did smell musty. Something was digging into his back; it was from all the trash that he was lying on. He moved to the left, a small grunt came out of him from the pain in his back. He looked at his hands and could still see pieces of the white skin that had covered him. Still lying on the side of his stomach, he tried to wipe it away gently. It got stuck to his hands so he then wiped it on the ground.

He rolled over, putting his hand and knees on the ground ready to lift himself up when he turned and saw a women lying next to him. She was bloodied and her eyes were closed. Startled, he jumped up, scared out of his mind. He looked around as if he would get some clues from the old, abandoned, military surpluses store. Everything was a mess; it looked like if a hurricane had been let loose inside, destroying everything. His breath was heavy; his nerves tingled all over his body. Not knowing how he had ended up here scared him but not knowing why a bloodied woman was lying on the ground with no one else around terrified him more.

“Hello” he said, in a low tone. Still staring at the women on the ground, he noticed the same thing he had on his arms on her. “Hello, is anyone here?” This time he spoke louder, but no one answered. He then looked at himself and noticed his torn clothes and that puss filled, smelly skin-like substance on his chest as he peeked over the collar. “What the fuck?” he said. On the back wall in a dusty mirror, he noticed his reflection. He still had pieces of slimy skin stuck on his face. He stared at it for a few seconds then he wiped off what he had on his face. The situation was very overwhelming as he had no idea of what was going on. He thought hard but could not even recall who he was.

He walked towards her, and went down onto his knees. “Miss,” he said as he gently pushed her, “Miss,” But she did not respond. He noticed the injury to her hand and then saw the pool of blood under her blonde hair. His chest rose with every deep breath he took. He tried to control his nerves but it was not helping. He checked if she was breathing, but she was not. As he looked around, he noticed he had something stuck to his left arm. He reached over with his right arm and, as he pulled it away, he felt a small sting. He pressed his lips together from the small pain he felt. He inspected it closely. It said MZ-2 on the stainless still tube. Both ends were red and the needle was thick. Its contents had been emptied into him. The idea of an unknown substance in his body frightened him. Everything that he was experiencing was driving him crazy. Anxiety threatened but he slowed his breath.

A loud metallic noise startled him, bringing him back to reality. For a moment, he was lost in wonder of what was going on. The noise had come from the alley. He made his way over to the rusted door. Slowly, he peeked outside, afraid of what he would find. He saw six men in the distance; at least that’s what he thought they were so he screamed for help. Soon enough, he realized that these things were not human. One of them had noticed him and started to run towards him. Soon, the rest followed suit. Not being able to process what was going on, he stood paralyzed then realized he needed to get back inside.

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