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How I Prioritize Books

Patri Friendman is one smart dude. He writes a lot of good stuff, he's got a ton of good insights, and he does prolific amounts of real-world work that changes that's got a strong chance of dramatically changing the course of history. There's not too many people I'd be excited to work for in a vizier-type role for empirebuilding, but he's one of them.

His blog is here. Today, we're talking about an entry he made on LessWrong titled "Rational Reading: Thoughts On Prioritizing Books."

Some choice excerpts -

A large element of instrumental rationality consists of filtering, prioritizing, and focusing. It's true for tasks, for emails, for blogs, and for the multitude of other inputs that many of us are drowning in these days[1]. Doing everything, reading everything, commenting on everything is simply not an option - it would take infinite time


Addendum: The Non-Blogging 1%

On A Fixed Point

I had written this section for my blogging update, but it didn't quite fit there. It's part of a larger conversation, of course, but I offer it as an addendum and a general question for you to ponder: 

Marc Andreessen, who wrote what was unarguably one of the most brilliant blogs on the internet, yanked most of his content without comment just before creating his venture firm. (His archived posts live on: this is a must-read folks). Now Marc uses his blog as a place-holder, as a megaphone to speak directly to the press. It's a sanitized version, not that it ever needed cleaning up to begin with.

Steve Jobs replied personally to his email and kept a thumb on the current, but you'd be reaching if you think you can deduct anything about the man from his monosyllabic replies. Is there anything he wrote that wasn't designed with the aim or possibility that many people would see it? 

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