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I'm listening to an autobiography of Octavian, the man who went on to become Augustus Caesar.

What's interesting from the book is that Augustus had more patience than his various rivals of the day in large scale affairs and reforms, but he moved with serious haste - celerity - when there was a situation that could be settled decisively.

Around six years ago, I started paying more attention to business and entrepreneurship and generally success and things like that. I remember coming across a lot of literature that encouraged doing things faster - especially in business. Shaving off the shipping time from 7 days to 4 days. Things like that.

Back then, I didn't understood why there was so much emphasis on speed. I thought, "Okay, obviously you wouldn't want to go too slow, but why go so fast? Why does it matter that much?"

And more recently, the answer has been clicking. It's not that getting your package 4 days from now instead of 7 makes such a big difference in all cases. Much of the time, it doesn't.

I waged war on a giant huntsman spider last night. I won.

On Project Copperhead

Yes, that's right. I was in the bathroom and this giant eight-legged monster decides to say hello. First instinct for me was that it was gonna get a broom to the face. I feel bad. I like animals. I just don't like when the crawly ones decide to sneak up on you late at night, when you're at your most vulnerable.

My blog today, I'm planning on sharing one of my favourite short stories that I've written. Hopefully it makes sense to you when you read it. I'd love to know what you think. I'm not a writer by trade, I just love doing it.


The Business Man (A Short Story):

The weight of the world is visible on the lines of his forehead. His life is a rush. Deadlines, schedules and peak-hour traffic. His shined leather shoes carry him quickly across town; his eyes focused on the watch on his wrist, rather than where he is going. He trips on the sidewalk and quickly tries to recover his speedy composure. The ruffles of paper and clicking of keys flood his head whilst in the office, with no time to think about the family he's left at home. Wife and daughter frequently wait for Daddy to come home for dinner, however he just has to finish his work for the night. Overtime; hours overtime...

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