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90% Done Project? Do 2% more, then ship it 92% complete. Or, what's your take, dear reader?

An interesting discussion with a reader follows. While you're reading, if you have experience with half-finished projects/apps/websites/businesses/etc, please think to yourself, "What would I do?" and answer in the comments.

Hi Sebastian,

First off, thanks for making yourself available to talk. I just saw the comment saying you're surprised more people don't take you up on your offer, so I figured I'd send you an email :)

I have a project which has potential, but I'm not sure I can be the one to take it places.

It is a task-oriented team chat application, similar to campfirehq. Its task-oriented nature sets it apart, because you can make a task as easily as typing !implement history search and hitting enter. This makes it very easy to see who is working on what, and discuss it. The barriers to communication and organization are lowered, helping teams move more quickly, and stay organized.

Stop talking about "adding value"

"I want to build this business to add a lot of value to a lot of people's lives."

I'm speaking from experience here. I used to say stuff like that a lot. I've mostly stopped. Why? Because guys who are actually doing a lot of stuff to... add value... don't talk about adding value. It's fluff and marks you down as not having done much yet.

Well, maybe not! It depends on your audience. If you're speaking about business to people who are uneducated and think that capitalism is all about dumping toxic waste on top of endangered species to increase profit margins... then yeah, start talking about adding value.

But when you're reaching out to someone with business experience, you can drop it. It's assumed. Everyone gets it. It's like saying, "I'll be at the meeting at 11 o'clock with the reports, and I'll be wearing clothes."

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