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What are you working on? How can I help?

Happy holidays and all of that.

Most of the people I work with are off for the holidays, which means I've got a pretty light week ahead of me. And I like to serve good people so -

What are you working on? How can I help?

I'm pretty versatile, know a bit about a number of things, and I try to know people smarter than me for when I don't have the answers.

So, what are you working on for goals right now? Professionally? Personally? Business, art, travel, habits, things like that?

Numbers to replace that smartphone(London Edition)

On Shane Dowling's Blog

I made this list of useful phone numbers to replace the apps I used on my smartphone. However it could also be considered useful for anyone travelling to London that doesn't want to get screwed with data roaming. Just use these numbers at any payphone around town. You know, the big red things tourists take photos next to.

I will warn you however this list will force you to have to interact with other human beings and *shudder* potentially have a pleasant conversation with them. If you've ever been on a London tube and looked around at the faces intently staring into smartphones with blaring headphones on, you'll understand. You also may have to walk and/or travel to locations other than your couch, I'm just warning you now.


Most of the time I'm buying books, from Amazon, for this I've come up with two numbers.

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