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We're Living in the Future

This is one of my favorite videos. We're living in the future. It's amazing.

I try not to forget it. I just got off Skype with Yifei in Boston. I called him on SkypeOut (cost: 10 cents USD) to get on Skype (free). Now I'm talking to a fella on the other side of the world. For free. I'm in Hong Kong on top of a mountain. He's in the middle of a city on the other side of the world. And we're talking to each other, real time, for free. No problem. My voice gets converted into digital stuffs, send through wireless signal to a router, which goes through fiberoptics under the ocean to Boston, which gets to Yifei's router and beams it to his laptop.

We're editing in Google docs (free). I can watch as he types and it instantly appears on my screen. This is so marvelously amazing. We're living in the future. I can't get over how amazing this is. Watch that video if you haven't yet. Or watch it again. It's so funny and so true. We're in the future. Wow.

A Level H2 Economics Essay Writing E-Book

On Econoception

Here it is!

I have uploaded a short (30page) e-book on A Level H2 Economics Essay Writing. I am sharing this for free because I hope that students can have an easier and more enjoyable time learning H2 Economics in their A levels. If you like the book or find it useful, please share it with your friends!

Please do not reproduce the book or any parts of it and claim them as your own material. If you would like to, please drop me an email about it.

Here's the download link:

A Level H2 Economics Essay Writing E-book

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