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More About Intek - Knowing a Skill vs. Living a Skill

About three weeks ago, I recognized a common phenomenon that's hard to describe.

A lot of times, you know something, but you're not doing it. Or you're not living it regularly.

When you come across information you've already read or seen, the temptation is to say, "I already know this." Okay, you know it - but are you living what you know? If not, you might want to keep studying and practicing on that topic, even if you feel like you "know" it.

When I start reading a book on managing money, or managing time, or setting goals, sometimes I have a reaction. I say, "I already know this." But then I stop myself. Stop. And I ask, "Am I living it?" Okay, I need some goals and I need to look at them regularly. Am I doing it? If not, I'll re-read the section, or watch another video on it.

I'll be honest - it's somewhat boring going through information you've already come across. But it's necessary if you're not doing/living it.


On Another Place

I work best with the visual - pictures, diagrams, charts - rather than text and lists. When I take notes, I tend to create them as mind maps. I'm also approaching 50 and thinking about what I want from the rest of my life and so, when someone mentioned Goalscape - a visual goal setting and tracking tool - in a LinkedIn discussion, I figured I should give it a look-see.

And it looks great! It enables you to visualise your goals, how to achieve them and how far you've got, in a very concise and practical way. The introduction video on their website is very good and the in-app tips are excellent, too.

It integrates with Mindjet's MindManager mind map application (my favourite!) so you can brainstorm on a mind map and then create a goal map from it very easily. It also supports a number of other formats for reporting and presentations.

I've not spent enough time with it to use it in anger yet, so this is not a review per se. Just a heads up to anyone out there looking for something similar.

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