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More About Intek - Knowing a Skill vs. Living a Skill

About three weeks ago, I recognized a common phenomenon that's hard to describe.

A lot of times, you know something, but you're not doing it. Or you're not living it regularly.

When you come across information you've already read or seen, the temptation is to say, "I already know this." Okay, you know it - but are you living what you know? If not, you might want to keep studying and practicing on that topic, even if you feel like you "know" it.

When I start reading a book on managing money, or managing time, or setting goals, sometimes I have a reaction. I say, "I already know this." But then I stop myself. Stop. And I ask, "Am I living it?" Okay, I need some goals and I need to look at them regularly. Am I doing it? If not, I'll re-read the section, or watch another video on it.

I'll be honest - it's somewhat boring going through information you've already come across. But it's necessary if you're not doing/living it.

Connecting the dots

On Modern Day Rebels

Three months ago I would never have imagined my life the way it is now. Looking backwards, everything seems so obvious. Things couldn't have turned out different. Yet uncertainty is something we experience on a daily basis, and the urge to know what our future will bring consumes a great deal of our thoughts.

When I was taking my first steps in design and programming, I asked myself if one day I could make money with all that knowledge. At that moment, nothing seemed to point in that direction.

Today I'm the closest I ever was to achieving Financial Freedom, and yes, a great deal of that is thanks to those skills I built during my teenage years. If I hadn't dedicated myself to learning the skills, I would probably not be where I am today. Obviously, there is a luck factor, but that's also unpredictable.

Now, how can we "connect the dots looking forward", in order to make the best decisions today?

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