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Constantly Improve Your Environment

It's a rule I have. Every place I spend time should be better because I was there.

Everywhere. A table at Starbucks? I'll wipe it off with a napkin when I sit down, and pick up my mess when I leave.

Be friendly to staff everywhere. Tip great service well. Point out terrible service politely to a manager, because terrible service is bad for everyone (the server, manager, business, and customers are all worse off if terrible service is happening).

Lightly clean any room you go to.

Don't trash a room just because other people are going to clean it.


On Reviving Roses

Originally Posted: Friday, December 5, 2008

Before I got wrapped up in all that is life (dinner, feeding the dog, checking email, writing a post, etc) I was going to write about my drive home today and the thoughts that floated through my head. It was a long drive, the weather made it very difficult. I took this time to listen to some Christmas music and just relax, it was slow moving.

Home Alone

Sara :)

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