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The Joy of Actually Really Truly Telling the Truth For Real

I get off on telling the truth.

I mean, I love it. It's addictive.

But most people never get to enjoy this rare thing. Most people are far too afraid.

But why? I ask this. Here's my best guess...

I think people don't tell the truth because (1) They think they're a big deal, and (2) think their life is really important, and (3) are afraid that telling the truth is going to screw up their very important life.

Problems everywhere.

On The Life Of An Ordinary Teenager

Can i appreciate life without being judged? Without finding out the dark deep secrets of the true meanings of life? Like drugs, sex and drinking? Two kids in my class got suspended for drinking vodka at school because they were drunk. I don't understand how you would want to live these things in your first year of high school. Alexa, did some pretty rough things this year that really surprised me. She has done pretty much everything i just mentionned except the sex stuff. I mean trying pot once or twice is fine but there's no good ending. Why would you smoke it? To have fun, to impress others who don't care about you? Sure i wanna try it but at the same time, it's pretty scary. You're intoxicating your lungs at such a young age and i just don't want to mess up anything. Sometimes i wonder how smoking a joint or two could help the troubles in my day but what if you get in trouble? Getting suspended is not what i want to do.

People say i'm never going to do drugs or drink alcohol but at the same time, you wanna know that when you die, you tried a majority of the stuff there is out there. Life can definitely take you to some interesting experiences and it's fun to explore. But let me be honest, i'm a little scared.

I'm definitely terrified of taking drugs.....

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