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Serve serve serve work work work strive strive strive .... patience... keep going... persist... serve more, work more, strive more... win

Short message today from Beijing Airport, en route to the China/Mongolia border.

Study people that have been successful in the way you want to. Figure out what they did.

Modernize their ideas to the present day. This isn't hard, there's tons of underoptimized stuff everywhere.

Draw up something like a plan.

Okay, now - you've got to stick religiously to that plan, even when things suck. If you've drawn up your plan halfway intelligently, it probably includes a lot of serving others, a lot of working hard, and a lot of striving to improve.

Playing a Computer like an Instrument

On DROdio

Most everyone uses a computer.  But a few of us, well, we play a computer like an instrument.

If you're on a computer for 10+ hours per day, this blog is for you.

By "instrument" I mean we know the in's & out's of the device.  We know how to eek out maximum performance from it.  We're the people who others just look at in wonder when our keys fly across the keyboard.

If you've ever found it excruciatingly painful watching others use a computer because of how slow the person is, then you know what I'm talking about.

These are just my tips, but really, I'm writing this because I want to know about your tips.  I want to know what saves you time and makes you more productive.  So please post comments below.

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