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Bad Stuff That's Happened to You = Expensive Lessons You've Already Paid For

Most people start feeling bad for themselves when something goes wrong in their life. The way I see it, something going wrong is an expensive lesson I already paid for - might as well take it.

A few years ago, I was doing squats in the gym with bad form and a fairly large amount of weight. I had two plates on each side and the bar... that's 4x45 + 35 lbs if I remember correctly = 205 lbs. That was fine, I had legs like tree trunks back then. But I had slightly bad form - when you do squats, you're supposed to push your ass backwards, not bend your knees forwards. Slight difference, but it wears on the cartilage.

One day my right leg started to buckle. I was in a power rack, and what you're supposed to do is drop the weight. But y'know, you don't necessarily think about that when your leg starts to buckle. So I threw all the weight onto my other leg and pushed up hard to re-rack the bar. Ripped some of the cartilage in my knee. Rehab, massive amounts of anti-inflammatories, and I have to stretch 5-10 minutes each day or my leg starts to hurt. Doctor said knees never fully heal, so it'll cause problems on and off forever. Ouch, kind of a bad thing to have happen in your 20's.

Last year, I was doing some Krav Maga. We were doing dry run drills of where you'd aim if you were hitting the other guy. These were common, but my shadow sparring partner was a little bit too macho and going really hard and fast and pretty close to me. Whish A fast elbow uppercut, almost connecting. Whish. Close again. But I didn't want to speak up, y'know, we're training martial arts here, not being soft.

Whis- cr-CRRACK!

Lenovo Slim AC/DC Adapter

On Tynan

I love Lenovo/IBM/Thinkpad to death. I'll write more about their laptops soon, but for now I'm going to talk about this new power adapter.

My old one broke in Panama, so as soon as I got to the US I ordered this one. Shipped overnight, it was expensive but worth every penny.

It's very thin, which makes it easy to pack. Just wedge it in next to something else. I had a similarly shaped one from Targus many years ago but it broke and I could never find a replacement.

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