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Willpower Isn't Enough

Jason Shen graciously contributed a new guestpost to the site -- his have always been popular here. He's running an online class on "The Science of Willpower, Habits, And Behavior Change" in January. Here's Jason --

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is one of my favorite films and the best comic book to film translation ever done. Nolan's take on Batman is gritty, heroic, fresh, and even somewhat plausible. One of my favorite scenes from the first film, Batman Begins, is when he is being trained by Ra's al Ghul on the art of ninjutsu. The key conversation I want to point out here: 

George St. Pierre pummeling your untrained face

One shot, One opportunity. Would you capture it or just let it slip?

On Sexy Polish Heads Up Millionaire

I remember how it was when I was moving out from father house. I was shaking, I've felt something deep in heart I didn't knew exactly what it was. Was I excited or was it because huge changes are just in front of me. I knew just one thing I was willing to don't eat anything if I wouldn't have any money but still chase my poker dreams to become of poker pro. Back than I was listening Lose Yourself daily. It reminded me about my my shot, every single day.

I was so fucking determinate, I was so fucking dedicated that I did it. Even thought I had many flaws, even though my mindset was far from perfect. Even thought I was throwing chairs, did a hole in a wall and did many crazy shit on tilt. It's all is past, I remember it like through fog, how much keyboards I crushed, how much shakers, timers and so on, and so forth. It was an issue, the big issue was when I've realized I am not that dedicated anymore.

I had very decent life, I was truly happy, I was doing what I love, I was having good relationships, sex wasn't an issue, even thought I've lose virginity pretty damn late. All was going for better, but what about my dreams? I'd rather call it goals, about dreams we say like, "One day I wish I'd do it" about goals we say like "I am gonna do it, whether you fucking like it or not". Goals still was big, but what changed?

It's just more and more people were saying that you've changed a lot. You shouldn't work that much, you shouldn't do xyz. You've did it man. Do they want bad for you? Hell no! They really want to help you, your friends, your girlfriends, your parents. It's just makes you slow down and lose some of this fire but it's within. Of course as long as you are aware of it. I've realized it not that far ago.

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