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Current Mantras

You could substitute in the word "initiative," "goal," or "target" if you don't like mantra. I'm not a believer in anything new agey or mystical. Rather, for me, "mantra" captures a complex and detailed idea in a short word or phrase. They're things I'm working on.

I was brainstorming at a cafe what I'm working on, what's most crucial in terms of development. This is the list I came to -

Create Enterprise Start day productive Focus Celerity I don't need to feel good to do the right thing.


In greater detail:


On The Words of Focus Project

Sono solo?

I feel rejected. Rejected by people I really liked. People who I'd thought liked me as well.

For all I know, they do.

It could be that Denton just heard a fair amount of scat about there being too many people, and so said no just to respond to it.

It could be that everyone felt things were a bit out of control, and so wanted to revert back to before. Pre Eddy

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