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Good Comment: "Urgency"

Phaed commented on "Those Easy Days With Nothing Due…" - it was a good comment, so I thought it deserved its own post:


I had a similar day today to yours yesterday. I did still manage to get a few extraneous things done. But, as a distraction came up, I asked it are you more urgent than the other tasks on my list. Mostly, the answer was no. But a few times, the answer was yes.

Now, sometimes a short, unimportant task can be more urgent than a long, important task, because clearing yourself of it unburdens you, so is sometimes good to do immediately. But you will balance all of these things against the urgency of your top priority task.

This means, on a busy day, aka a day with many urgent important tasks, your “filler,” do it right now tasks have to be equally urgent and important. On a less busy day, not only are your main tasks less important, but the filter for which “filler” tasks you let in lowers as well.

Rules Equal Revenue

On A Business Odyssey - Nat Bruno

Restricting certain things in your life creates more of the important things in life - less distractions = more attention, less possessions = more freedom, less choices = more productivity and the list can go on and on… If you set rules to restrict yourself to fewer things to interact with and fewer decisions to make, you end up with more time, attention, and ultimately money.

Lately, I had been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at my lack of progress on certain revenue goals for my businesses. I felt like I was treading water versus growing the business into what I envisioned. That was before I implemented my daily ritual (particularly the aspect of setting the top three tasks that I must complete that day). I was answering emails, creating spreadsheets of prospect lists, checking social media, and completing lots of tasks that did not generate revenue. One of the biggest time-wasters was social media, both on my phone and on my laptop (checking Twitter, Feedly, Pocket, Facebook).

I set the following rules for myself:

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