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Fighting the Overwhelm Monster

From a reader -

Just a thought - You probably get several requests for advice, inputs etc. Do you not get overwhelmed?

Indeed, my email/people contacting me volume has gone up massively a lot. Like, a whole lot.

Do I get overwhelmed? Well, I reckon there's two things people usually call "overwhelmed" -

1. A short term overwhelmed feeling, like when you've got to do 6 hours of things, but you've got a flight in 3 hours.

How to Get Out of a Big Rut

I saw this thread on Hacker News - "Failed entrepreneur, broke, unemployed, now taking care of aging parents. Help." The guy there is in a big rut. Basically, a lot of things aren't going right for him and he was asking for input/advice. Here's a small section -

Concurrently, I had to move back home to a relatively inactive area - no tech scene, no innovators, no night life, no forward-thinking, no excitement. People here are content with 9-5 jobs and staying home at night (edit, removed: want their safe, comfortable, 9-5 jobs, and their must-see-TV at night). There is no ecosystem to help drive and create new things. Local city and business "leaders" I talk to about doing something politely nod their head in agreement but it never leads to anything.

Now, I understand where this guy is at. Not 100%, everyone's situation is a little bit different. But the general place, yup, I get it. So I wrote up this reply for him -


Okay, there's a lot of things going on here, but most of them are (gradually) improvable. But it would be difficult to improve until you own responsibility for all of it.

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