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Fighting the Overwhelm Monster

From a reader -

Just a thought - You probably get several requests for advice, inputs etc. Do you not get overwhelmed?

Indeed, my email/people contacting me volume has gone up massively a lot. Like, a whole lot.

Do I get overwhelmed? Well, I reckon there's two things people usually call "overwhelmed" -

1. A short term overwhelmed feeling, like when you've got to do 6 hours of things, but you've got a flight in 3 hours.

New Song Draft

On Tynan

Working on a new song - the BetterThanYourBoyfriend.com theme song (try rhyming that). I have a really exciting guest artist who is going to do the last verse, but I figured it might take me a long time to get him to finish his part, so here it is for your listening pleasure : Better Than Your Boyfriend.

Feedback (negative and positive) is greatly appreciated. I listen to my songs so many times in a row that I can't tell if they're good, bad, and specifically what needs work. A few parts don't have the best enunciation, but that will be fixed later, and the end trails off because I haven't finished the verse.

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