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I Need to Get Better At Email

Inbox back up to 45. How many emails am I writing/replying to each day? It seems like a lot, but I'm not tracking explicitly. Hmm.

This is what I wrote on October 1st -

1. My email volume has been going up, and I haven’t adjusted to a new routine for it. Before I’d go into my inbox, clear a third of it when I had free time waiting for something, and then do that twice more in the day, and it’d be empty at the end of the day. Now, I’m going to need to set aside more time for it.

2. I’m answering/replying/writing a lot more emails, so it feels like it should be empty – but then I’m leaving one or two messages there that weren’t there at the end of the day. This is like spending more money than you’ve got coming in – it’s going to catch up with you sooner or later.

3. I had 2-3 days in the last two weeks where I had my day booked end to end and didn’t answer anything except ultra time-sensitive email. But that fills up the inbox pretty quickly if not cleared out.

My Best Evernote Posts this Year

On Mike Dariano

The year is winding down and instead of a fresh post about using Evernote, I wanted to share the five most popular Evernote posts from this year. Combined these five posts had almost 1,o00 views.

Using Evernote to manage your bills.

This tip with reminders, photos, and confirmation numbers has been put to heavy use this month as I've opened a few credit cards for the rewards they offered.

Using Evernote to save passwords.

Like using Evernote to manage bills, this technique has also been used a lot this month. In addition to the Chase, AmEx, and other credit card logins, I've also started to manage my reward numbers for Delta SkyMiles and Marriott Rewards.

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