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Serve serve serve work work work strive strive strive .... patience... keep going... persist... serve more, work more, strive more... win

Short message today from Beijing Airport, en route to the China/Mongolia border.

Study people that have been successful in the way you want to. Figure out what they did.

Modernize their ideas to the present day. This isn't hard, there's tons of underoptimized stuff everywhere.

Draw up something like a plan.

Okay, now - you've got to stick religiously to that plan, even when things suck. If you've drawn up your plan halfway intelligently, it probably includes a lot of serving others, a lot of working hard, and a lot of striving to improve.

Conflict with an idiot manager? Your solution in two words: auctoritas and gravitas.

Very good question by a regular reader of the site who just joined a new company. Some excerpts -

Do you have any sources to recommend regarding the topic of Small-scale Team or Project Management? The background on my request is simply that I work for a large, very disorganized company that grew from a small "mom & pop" to a competitive industry leader in a 'short' time period (10 years or so). The management has not followed the change with the kind of organizational structure that large companies require for effeciency and they abhore 1) change 2) young people initiating change 3) publish initiatives for change with deadlines, and blame the 'young people' when they aren't completed, meanwhile they sabotage all efforts to work on them.


Now, I am no expert on creating the type of organizational structure we need here, but I witness its absence as a massive failure each and every day in my own department and all of the others as well. My team consists of 3 members, 2 analysists and 1 "manager". Our manager is inept. We have had projects for the last 4 years (prior to my hire) outstanding, which if successful could have significant positive impact on finacials, performance, effeciency, communication... I could go on. Our manager belives that such projects are superfuluois and openly harasses us when we work on them (despite the wild success of the first one...which he attributed not to hard work but to "magic"- literally, he said it must have been magic and denied any part we had in achieving the goal).


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