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What Happens if You Have Open Hours to Talk to Your Site Visitors?

On the 24th of December, I wrote a post "Happy holidays. Let's have a Skype chat."

It's something I'd thought about doing for a while. Hey, why don't I take open hours to chat with people, and offer my take on anything a person is interested in. I've had a few other bloggers and website runners express curiosity with how it went, hence, this post -

The Good -

I connected with a lot of interesting people. In the guidelines to that post, I wrote "I blocked out 20 minutes for each call, so it might be a good idea to pick one or two things you’re working on or curious about before we get on the phone, because it could go fast" - most people did, in fact, have a couple items when they called, and we wound up covering a lot of interesting ground.

I wasn't sure how 20 minutes would work, but it worked surprisingly well. There was minimal chit-chat and how-are-ya's at the start, which is cool. I've never been a fan of smalltalk, and have always made an effort to move past it into interesting things as quickly as possible in real life.

Will “Places” make Facebook the ultimate data collection platform?

On FredRanger

Well it’s fair to say that recent Facebook announcement to add a localization services to their social media platform did create a buzz around the world wide web and offline too. Knowing that Facebook will now have the ability to not only track interests, “likes”, sexual orientation, etc. but also track real-time human behaviors with millions of people around the globe. Imagine the possibilities when you think about it one second. First, Facebook is darn good at crossing large quantities of data to offer really targeted advertising options to their clients, that we know. Now with Places, they will be able to add in a real added value by knowing where people hang out, eat, shop and with who they do that with. Sound scary? I don’t think so, this day and age as shown us that people are willing to provide that level of detailed info because they see the value of connecting, sharing and participating in such networks. Now we all know that Foursquare is having great success in doing that, but the difference here is the number of people involved and the interconnectivity with other Facebook apps.

We live in a very interesting world now days my friends and we are seeing unprecedented levels or interactivity between technology and humans or it may just be that people are no longer using technology to connect, they connect trough technology without even noticing!

I'm interested in knowing if you think Places is the next big thing and if people are going to continue using “smaller” company services like Foursquare and Scavenger? Don’t forget to leave a comment!



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